Wednesday, 6 September 2017

My Nykaa only essentials haul🙈

So recently I placed an order at Nykaa just for the essentials that I use every single day, and since I am blogging now, I thought I might as well share it with you guys. This haul would be a realistic haul, for I am also on a budget as I am a student and get only a little pocket money(thought I should mention it😜).

I mainly went to shop for a kajal pencil and after a lot of contemplation and research I went ahead and decided for the one from Faces- called- the magneteyes kajal for Rs-175/-.  Here's my first purchase😎-

Then my second purchase is something that I use everyday and was running out it.. and nope it is neither a kajal nor a lipbalm but an eyebrow pencil. This product comes in my budget and is my second purchase because it is good (from the products that I can afford👀). It is the Maybelline New York Fashion Brow Cream pencil in GREY for Rs-150/-. Here, you guys also  have a look 😘-

Then my third and last purchase is what is a craze all over the Indian YouTube scenario and by now most of you must have guessed it, but even if you haven't, that's also absolutely okay because, we're only Humans Duh!!..😜😛. The product is THE FACE SHOP -The solution pore care face mask for Rs-150/-. And I am only excited to try this. Also I bought just one of them because I first wanted to try it and then maybe I'l buy more if they suit me. The picture is below-

Okay!!.. so my haul should be over but it is not because(with some excitement in my voice😄) Nykaa was kind enough to include free samples of 2 products. The first is- Livon Hair Serum sachet-

Finally the second and the last sample that they sent me is Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance. Have a look below-

Okaayyyy!!!!......... So it is over you guyss😅. Thanks a ton if you stopped till the end.
Byeeeeeeeeeee until the next post💕

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