Monday, 1 January 2018

Trip to Solan-Himachal Pradesh India

Here’s another kind of a travelogue of another beautiful place, that is the most closest to my heart and that is Himachal Pradesh, my hometown. To brief you all a little about it, for me since childhood, Himachal has meant a place of my very dear cousins, my extended family that lives there. Every time that I’ve been there, it has only been to meet them and all the relatives, and spend some quality time with the fam. However this time around it was different since I went to a new place, in Himachal only but not the place where I could find my relatives, since I wanted to see the place this time. So, I with my family on New Year’s decided to go to another place in the Solan district called Dharampur. We stayed at Dharampur and from there covered a few much hyped touristy places namely- Shimla, Kufri and chail. Let’s begin.
First day we landed at the destination, where we were to stay i.e Dharampur, oh and just so you know, we were not staying in a hotel we have our own home there, just that I went there for the first time. So since we arrived in the evening, we were already exhausted from the long drive and so we decided to just be at home. Having said that, it is not that we just stayed at home, we did go on a long walk and as the sun was setting, we managed to click some of its really good pictures as we were strolling. One thing though I must confess, before this trip I’ve never really gone out of my way to see a sunset or a sunrise I don’t know why I always used to be so preoccupied with hell lot of things in my brain, that I never really enjoyed my trips that much. It was only the year 2017 that made me realise how much I have missed out by not enjoying little things. I now truly believe that it’s the little things that matter and I whole heartedly believe in that. Now coming back to the walk, we(my sister and I) went really long and as the sun had completely set, we were hurrying back to our home and I say hurrying because we were getting calls from our family members who were scolding us for going out too far in the dark not because of the fear of humans but because of snow leopards that roam around freely and could eat us up :p well this would be quite familiar instance to all the Paharis out there and I know what they would say having read this- “I feel you”. Hahahaha.. I mean yeahh..  oh and the meanwhile on our way home, my mom met us halfway, who was not letting us come alone any longer. While returning, we met a local person who was very old and returning home from work. While me and my sister were busy trying to upload our pictures on social media, they got into talking, they had talked about a lot of local things, but what caught my attention was when he started talking about the snow leopard that he saw and had just escaped. Which was right in the morning before the sunrise, again as it was dark it had come out, but was returning back to the jungle. One thing I liked about him was that he had a big gun at the time when the snow leopard was passing by and he didn’t harm it in any way. He mentioned that they don’t harm animals like that because they believe that all animals are important for the ecological balance. That’s how our first day ended.

Moving on to the second day, it was the best as we visited first chail, about it, it was beautiful, peaceful and nice I mean I would have liked to have a little more time to go beyond that also but with the constraint of time, we saw world’s highest cricket playground, managed to click a few pictures and went to Kufri from there. Kufri ahh, if only I could describe in words how beautiful it was. The main reason that I planned the trip around this time was because only a week back there was snowfall and I wanted to see that, but when we go did, the snow had already melted, so couldn’t experience the snow, but the views that Kufri had to offer were beautiful beyond imagination. Kufri also offers various sports and all but I was only focused on the mesmerising views. And the yummy Maggie that we had there in the freezing wind was another experience altogether. Finally, we went to Shimla, and by the time we reached there the sun was already only half visible from the mountains, and so we did not have much time left, but we still managed to cover the mall road, the ridge and the library, also the church. Had tomato and vegetable soups and the yummiest fruit chart as well, saw all that the place had to offer, clicked some memories and enjoyed a lot. I mean I loved Shimla so much so that I am planning to do only a Shimla tour for a whole day or two. I feel like Shimla is a place that has to offer much much more than this and since you may not know, but I am also a bibliophile and I really want to spend some time in the library. Finally at 11, we reached back home and dozed off..

The next day, we didn’t go anywhere else, I enjoyed the sun there as it was very cold and already we don’t get much vitamin-D in the cities, so It was much needed as well. Then in the evening I again went for a walk but a short one this time and again clicked the sunset, kid you not the place offers a new sunset every day. The evening went by with some family barbeque and some chit-chatters.

The next day, right in the morning, I went for a walk, a very long one because who doesn’t want to take in all the fresh air and let the rays of the rising son upon oneself. This morning walk was all about myself and with myself. Didn’t get it?? I meant without headphones or songs, I know it’s a poor joke, but this walk wasn’t. I reconnected with myself, as I was running, I could hear the musings of the mountains, the trees, the wind, the best kind of music that I have ever heard. I highly recommend to try this. This was the best thing I had ever done in a long time. Then I was later joined by my sister and clicked some pictures because then that was mandatory. In The evening I again took a long walk but took the road less taken this time. I mean, the mountains less taken.. “mera sense of humour bhot acha hai dhere dhere pata chalega aapko” lol. So since I have done trekking when I went in Kashmir, which was the first time, I knew it could be tough with the trees and everything else in between but guess what I don’t care and I did reached my home only through the mountain, my parents were there, but no one else except my mom came with me (she’s better than me in this, I mean all her childhood in the mountains se had to). I loved it, although my legs were hurting after it all but it was all worth it.



The next day, we had to leave, so I woke up late, spent my morning in the balcony, packed up everything and didn’t do much. This is how my trip ended and I really want go back again, which I will for sure. I am surely a nemophilist is what I have realised through this trip. And I love travelling.