Thursday, 4 January 2018

Beauty products Haul-2018

Hey you guys!!. In this blog, as you can already tell from the title, it is a haul blog, where I will share what all I bought for myself. Also I actually bought these things before 31st, so I didn’t really buy these things this year. The products that I am going to show here are wide ranging some are of everyday use, while some are for winters and some others that are new. I got most of these products from Nykaa and now let’s get into it.
1)     Nykaa Paint Stix- shade cool girl Nude
It will be the first time that I will be trying this lippie, and I really love nude shades so had to pick this one, I am currently testing it out and will shortly do a blog review of this product, till then you can see in the pictures down below for the swatch. Also I bought this from a sale on Nykaa so, the sale price is- 303Rs and the MRP is-340Rs.
2)     Lotus Herbals safe sun Intensive sunblock spray
It is an SPF-50. Although it is not the first sunscreen from lotus that I am trying, but this particular one I am trying for the first time for sure. Before this I had finished my favourite- UV Screen Matte gel normal to oily skin SPF 50. This one is my all-time favourite and no matter how many other sunscreens I try I keep coming back to this one, but this time I again decided to try a cream based one because in winters I’m oily but I still can survive this one. I am trying it out only, will do a blog post when I am sure about it.
This one also I got from the sale, so the sale price is-312Rs and MRP is 365Rs.
3)    Biotique Morning Nectar Moisturizer
This product is also my first try and I don’t think I will be able to use it in summers as I have a combination skin and any kind of moisturizer which does not say for oily skin, generally makes my whole face shine like a diamond basically.. So I avoid using them but as far as I’ve used this one, I feel it is on a lighter side from those kind of creams, so I am not absolutely sure as well. Let the summers arrive, I will update on it. And as you guessed, it has also been picked up from a sale, price-119Rs and MRP- 149Rs.

4) Biotique Bio-Papaya Visibly Ageless Scrub
I was using a banana scrub before this from khadi, and that was really good but I got a little bored of it so I decided to buy this one. So far I have only used it twice, and must say it does clean really well, skin feels really good after using it. Basically it has a job and knows how to do it. Sale price-78Rs MRP-110Rs.
    5)  Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic cream
 This one is a like a no brainer for winters and summers as well, but I majorly use it in winters. It is hands-down one of the best creams I have used thus far. I do not use it on my face but hands, feet etc, the areas that can get really dry in winters. This works the best. However lets break the Nykaa chain here, I bought it from my local store, and so no sale or discount but hey! It’s cheap and worth. MRP-34Rs.
6) Rimmel London-Lasting finish by kate, in the shade-28

This was given to me by one of my cousins and not bought by me. I don’t really know the actual price of it and since I am trying it for the first time, I can’t say much about it but the colour and swatch of it I have inserted below.
 7) L'oreal paris mat magique all in one transforming compact
      Well this one is my second purchase after finishing the first one, so you can understand how much I love it. This is my Holy grail product,and I mostly use it on a regular basis, especially in summers. My shade is-Honey nude and this one i did not buy on sale. Its MRP is-430Rs.
8) Maybelline lasting drama by eyestudio
It is a waterproof gel pencil in the shade lustrous sapphire. bought it for the first time and ohh my god, I got only good things to say about this baby. I just love the formula, the colour, the pigment, longeviti, everything. I am now thinking of buying all its shades. This was also not from sale and so the MRP is- 499

Done!!.. that’s about it you all. I know it is not a huge haul but since these are the products that I use and will be using in the near future, I thought I might share them with y’all as well. Hope you like my post.
Thanks a ton if you’ve read this far. Loads of love and have a nice day.