Saturday, 3 February 2018

Boroline hacks: different ways of using it

I think, I’m assuming but most of us Indians are already aware of what Boroline is. It is basically an Ayurvedic cream, with antiseptic properties. As it says in its packaging as well, it is enriched with natural lanolin, it protects and soften the skin. So now that we have an idea of what Boroline basically is, I might as well tell you the ways in which it can be used in ways that makes it more than just a cream. One more thing before starting, this is a heavy cream so for all the ones with oily skin I’d say it shouldn’t break you out but still be a little careful maybe do a patch test or something just to be on a safer side.

MRP- 34 Rs Quantity- 20g

Now let’s start:-
1)      It can be used as a lipbalm to be kept overnight or also under your favourite matt liquid lipstick. Your lips will thank you for this. Keeping this overnight on your lips will make them soft and supple when you wake up in the morning, plus if you have any problem of chapped lips or something, this will take care of it.
2)      Night cream, yes it can be used as night cream (preferably in winters, as it is a heavy cream) and your skin in the morning will be as smooth as a baby’s. It is really very good especially for dry skin. I have a combination skin but I use it as a night cream like once a week but only in winters, I cannot use it in summers. So oily skin people can give it a try first in small area to just have an idea of how it works on their skin.
3)      Got a dry patch! I understand how irritating can it be in a weird way for the feeling cannot even be explained. The remedy you ask? Just apply a little Boroline in the affected area and keep it overnight. A thick layer would be good, it will all settle.
4)      If you constantly suffer from dry hands and feet, this is the best solution. Take a good amount and massage your hands and feet with it. You’ll wake up with smooth hands and feet in the morning but try doing it every day before you sleep. If not every day, maybe 3-4 times a week.
5)      As a handcream, not just at night, but during the day as well. It will keep your hands all nice and moisturized and it has a good smell too. The size of it is just perfect to keep it in your handbag, carry it everywhere you go so that your pretty hand can always be moisturized.

6)      This is quite interesting. Well, if you’re like me and have problem with artificial jewellery, this might come in handy for you. Apply Boroline on the part of the earing that goes inside your earhole, I don’t exactly know what would that be called but I hope you can understand through my explanation. So, put that part through your ears after applying Boroline on it. For me, although it did help the first time I did it, but it was more helpful when I did it 3-4 times, so that my ears can get used to the metal without any infection. Honestly, it was a bit painful the because somehow the metal was't suiting my ears and I was doing it 3-4 times but not on consecutive days, instead after 2-3 days to give some rest to my ears, I was able to wear artificial earrings.

If you by any chance are wondering about the packaging, then I must tell you that it I am not a big fan of it, I mean it is extremely basic in the sense that it comes in a olive green cardboard box inside which is an aluminium tube, which also has the same colour. Also the fact that it can leak without opening the cap if you press it too hard is true. For the aluminium tube is very thin and gets holes from anywhere in the middle on pressing too hard. So just keep these things in mind about the packaging but for 34RS I don’t think the packaging should stop you from buying it because the qualities of the product overpowers the packaging.
I would like to conclude now by saying that above are some of the ways in which I have used this product, there can be many many more ways of using it, I would really like ‘you’, the one who is reading this and has used this cream in any other way to share it by commenting down below, I would love to know how have you used it.
I end my post here, lots and lots of love and peace upon you.
With love,

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Have a cold?? Best home remedy is here

One thing that happened the most to me in 2017, without fail was cold. I kept catching cold almost every single month and in November it happened thrice. This surely must be hard to believe but it did. This was the moment I realized that whatever I have eaten, i.e all the junk food plus the perks (sarcasm intended) of living in Delhi, one of the most polluted city is that you will keep catching cold if you don’t have a good immune system. I had to do something about it because now I was hell irritated and it got featured in my new year’s resolution too (that I have to repel cold this year)
Then came January, I was happy and all nice, when on the 2nd day of the New Year, I realised I am catching cold again. My symptoms were- mild headache, runny nose, irritated mood and sneezing. I got furious as to why this happened because I literally didn’t deserve it this time, so I decided to do something about it from that very moment. It became more like a 3 day ritual beginning from that morning. My routine shall be as follows:-
1)      Cold special lemonade:-
the very first thing I did that morning was to make myself a lemonade in warm water to have first thing in the morning right after 2 glasses of simple warm drinking water.
Black pepper-A pinch
Black salt-A pinch
Brown sugar (shakkar)-As per taste
 That’s it. Mix them all up, and fill up your system with this.
2)      Golden Milk (Haldi waala dhoodh):-
Then after having my breakfast and working a little bit, I just took a nap, woke up and the second thing that I did was to make this golden milk. This is the best and the most effective remedy for basically anything, for the qualities of turmeric, that is used in every Indian household, in almost every meal, are now very well known throughout the world.
Milk- A glass
Cardamom- 2
Ginger- Cut and peel a slice of it (grate it in the warm milk)
Turmeric- I prefer raw turmeric more than the powdered one for this
Black salt- A pinch
Black Pepper- A pinch
Brown sugar (shakkar)- As per your own taste
Almonds- sliced 2-3 (this is a optional step I love it both ways, you have to take your own call at this)
Fennel seed- 2-3 tablespoons
Here, all you have to do is to take a pan, pour that one glass of water into it, let it warm up, and when it is warmed up start by putting all the dry ingredients one by one. Also just like ginger, raw turmeric can also be grated. Then after two boils let it sit on simmer for 4-5 minutes. After which pour it in your favourite cup. Enjoy it sip by sip.
These two things I did actually for three days, but its effect was felt the very first day I had it, and just so that its effect doesn’t fade,keeping in mind how often do I catch cold, I continued it further. However one thing I would say is that don’t have unhealthy things that day or more preferably for the next couple of days. I had lots of fruits like kiwis and oranges throughout the day. I also suggest having healthy soups vegetable or chicken as per liking. Moreover forty-five minutes before sleeping try having one warm glass of water. It really helps with any congestion and you would be able to sleep better throughout the night. However it still needs to be kept in mind that the first night of cold is always tough so if you’re still not able to sleep that good,it's okay, hopefully your second day should be much better than the previous. One more thing is that everybody works and reacts differently for different ingredients, it actually did work for me the very first day I had it, but if doesn’t work for you the first day, don’t give up, continue the same, it is supposed to give you better results than any kind of medicine because of the qualities of the ingredients and the best part is everything is natural, it must be good.
So say a goodbye
Golden Milk and the ingredients

to that irritating cold, kick it away with these natural cures and stay happy. If you have any questions write them down below.


Thursday, 4 January 2018

Beauty products Haul-2018

Hey you guys!!. In this blog, as you can already tell from the title, it is a haul blog, where I will share what all I bought for myself. Also I actually bought these things before 31st, so I didn’t really buy these things this year. The products that I am going to show here are wide ranging some are of everyday use, while some are for winters and some others that are new. I got most of these products from Nykaa and now let’s get into it.
1)     Nykaa Paint Stix- shade cool girl Nude
It will be the first time that I will be trying this lippie, and I really love nude shades so had to pick this one, I am currently testing it out and will shortly do a blog review of this product, till then you can see in the pictures down below for the swatch. Also I bought this from a sale on Nykaa so, the sale price is- 303Rs and the MRP is-340Rs.
2)     Lotus Herbals safe sun Intensive sunblock spray
It is an SPF-50. Although it is not the first sunscreen from lotus that I am trying, but this particular one I am trying for the first time for sure. Before this I had finished my favourite- UV Screen Matte gel normal to oily skin SPF 50. This one is my all-time favourite and no matter how many other sunscreens I try I keep coming back to this one, but this time I again decided to try a cream based one because in winters I’m oily but I still can survive this one. I am trying it out only, will do a blog post when I am sure about it.
This one also I got from the sale, so the sale price is-312Rs and MRP is 365Rs.
3)    Biotique Morning Nectar Moisturizer
This product is also my first try and I don’t think I will be able to use it in summers as I have a combination skin and any kind of moisturizer which does not say for oily skin, generally makes my whole face shine like a diamond basically.. So I avoid using them but as far as I’ve used this one, I feel it is on a lighter side from those kind of creams, so I am not absolutely sure as well. Let the summers arrive, I will update on it. And as you guessed, it has also been picked up from a sale, price-119Rs and MRP- 149Rs.

4) Biotique Bio-Papaya Visibly Ageless Scrub
I was using a banana scrub before this from khadi, and that was really good but I got a little bored of it so I decided to buy this one. So far I have only used it twice, and must say it does clean really well, skin feels really good after using it. Basically it has a job and knows how to do it. Sale price-78Rs MRP-110Rs.
    5)  Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic cream
 This one is a like a no brainer for winters and summers as well, but I majorly use it in winters. It is hands-down one of the best creams I have used thus far. I do not use it on my face but hands, feet etc, the areas that can get really dry in winters. This works the best. However lets break the Nykaa chain here, I bought it from my local store, and so no sale or discount but hey! It’s cheap and worth. MRP-34Rs.
6) Rimmel London-Lasting finish by kate, in the shade-28

This was given to me by one of my cousins and not bought by me. I don’t really know the actual price of it and since I am trying it for the first time, I can’t say much about it but the colour and swatch of it I have inserted below.
 7) L'oreal paris mat magique all in one transforming compact
      Well this one is my second purchase after finishing the first one, so you can understand how much I love it. This is my Holy grail product,and I mostly use it on a regular basis, especially in summers. My shade is-Honey nude and this one i did not buy on sale. Its MRP is-430Rs.
8) Maybelline lasting drama by eyestudio
It is a waterproof gel pencil in the shade lustrous sapphire. bought it for the first time and ohh my god, I got only good things to say about this baby. I just love the formula, the colour, the pigment, longeviti, everything. I am now thinking of buying all its shades. This was also not from sale and so the MRP is- 499

Done!!.. that’s about it you all. I know it is not a huge haul but since these are the products that I use and will be using in the near future, I thought I might share them with y’all as well. Hope you like my post.
Thanks a ton if you’ve read this far. Loads of love and have a nice day.


Monday, 1 January 2018

Trip to Solan-Himachal Pradesh India

Here’s another kind of a travelogue of another beautiful place, that is the most closest to my heart and that is Himachal Pradesh, my hometown. To brief you all a little about it, for me since childhood, Himachal has meant a place of my very dear cousins, my extended family that lives there. Every time that I’ve been there, it has only been to meet them and all the relatives, and spend some quality time with the fam. However this time around it was different since I went to a new place, in Himachal only but not the place where I could find my relatives, since I wanted to see the place this time. So, I with my family on New Year’s decided to go to another place in the Solan district called Dharampur. We stayed at Dharampur and from there covered a few much hyped touristy places namely- Shimla, Kufri and chail. Let’s begin.
First day we landed at the destination, where we were to stay i.e Dharampur, oh and just so you know, we were not staying in a hotel we have our own home there, just that I went there for the first time. So since we arrived in the evening, we were already exhausted from the long drive and so we decided to just be at home. Having said that, it is not that we just stayed at home, we did go on a long walk and as the sun was setting, we managed to click some of its really good pictures as we were strolling. One thing though I must confess, before this trip I’ve never really gone out of my way to see a sunset or a sunrise I don’t know why I always used to be so preoccupied with hell lot of things in my brain, that I never really enjoyed my trips that much. It was only the year 2017 that made me realise how much I have missed out by not enjoying little things. I now truly believe that it’s the little things that matter and I whole heartedly believe in that. Now coming back to the walk, we(my sister and I) went really long and as the sun had completely set, we were hurrying back to our home and I say hurrying because we were getting calls from our family members who were scolding us for going out too far in the dark not because of the fear of humans but because of snow leopards that roam around freely and could eat us up :p well this would be quite familiar instance to all the Paharis out there and I know what they would say having read this- “I feel you”. Hahahaha.. I mean yeahh..  oh and the meanwhile on our way home, my mom met us halfway, who was not letting us come alone any longer. While returning, we met a local person who was very old and returning home from work. While me and my sister were busy trying to upload our pictures on social media, they got into talking, they had talked about a lot of local things, but what caught my attention was when he started talking about the snow leopard that he saw and had just escaped. Which was right in the morning before the sunrise, again as it was dark it had come out, but was returning back to the jungle. One thing I liked about him was that he had a big gun at the time when the snow leopard was passing by and he didn’t harm it in any way. He mentioned that they don’t harm animals like that because they believe that all animals are important for the ecological balance. That’s how our first day ended.

Moving on to the second day, it was the best as we visited first chail, about it, it was beautiful, peaceful and nice I mean I would have liked to have a little more time to go beyond that also but with the constraint of time, we saw world’s highest cricket playground, managed to click a few pictures and went to Kufri from there. Kufri ahh, if only I could describe in words how beautiful it was. The main reason that I planned the trip around this time was because only a week back there was snowfall and I wanted to see that, but when we go did, the snow had already melted, so couldn’t experience the snow, but the views that Kufri had to offer were beautiful beyond imagination. Kufri also offers various sports and all but I was only focused on the mesmerising views. And the yummy Maggie that we had there in the freezing wind was another experience altogether. Finally, we went to Shimla, and by the time we reached there the sun was already only half visible from the mountains, and so we did not have much time left, but we still managed to cover the mall road, the ridge and the library, also the church. Had tomato and vegetable soups and the yummiest fruit chart as well, saw all that the place had to offer, clicked some memories and enjoyed a lot. I mean I loved Shimla so much so that I am planning to do only a Shimla tour for a whole day or two. I feel like Shimla is a place that has to offer much much more than this and since you may not know, but I am also a bibliophile and I really want to spend some time in the library. Finally at 11, we reached back home and dozed off..

The next day, we didn’t go anywhere else, I enjoyed the sun there as it was very cold and already we don’t get much vitamin-D in the cities, so It was much needed as well. Then in the evening I again went for a walk but a short one this time and again clicked the sunset, kid you not the place offers a new sunset every day. The evening went by with some family barbeque and some chit-chatters.

The next day, right in the morning, I went for a walk, a very long one because who doesn’t want to take in all the fresh air and let the rays of the rising son upon oneself. This morning walk was all about myself and with myself. Didn’t get it?? I meant without headphones or songs, I know it’s a poor joke, but this walk wasn’t. I reconnected with myself, as I was running, I could hear the musings of the mountains, the trees, the wind, the best kind of music that I have ever heard. I highly recommend to try this. This was the best thing I had ever done in a long time. Then I was later joined by my sister and clicked some pictures because then that was mandatory. In The evening I again took a long walk but took the road less taken this time. I mean, the mountains less taken.. “mera sense of humour bhot acha hai dhere dhere pata chalega aapko” lol. So since I have done trekking when I went in Kashmir, which was the first time, I knew it could be tough with the trees and everything else in between but guess what I don’t care and I did reached my home only through the mountain, my parents were there, but no one else except my mom came with me (she’s better than me in this, I mean all her childhood in the mountains se had to). I loved it, although my legs were hurting after it all but it was all worth it.



The next day, we had to leave, so I woke up late, spent my morning in the balcony, packed up everything and didn’t do much. This is how my trip ended and I really want go back again, which I will for sure. I am surely a nemophilist is what I have realised through this trip. And I love travelling.