Sunday, 31 December 2017

Malaysia explored

Well Hello again! I know, I’ve been MIA for a while, but that’s because I didn’t have that much idea about how this blog thing works, and also I was doing various things because of which also, I was kind of occupied and completely ignored my blog. But… I am back now, and hopefully I plan to be better at it this time. Okay!! So a brief which was much required is over now, and so let’s start.
I went to Malaysia in August this year i.e 2017. This was a family trip but the colleagues from my parent’s office were also there. Basically it was an office retreat.
So to begin with… the first place after the take-off from Delhi, we landed in Kuala Lumpur, but we reached at almost mid-night and it was just for the night that we had to spend there that was, the very next morning, we left for Langkawi from there, basically the place from where the trip began.
Langkawi, the brown eagle, if you translate it is, is a mesmerising island. Not just it is beautiful to look at, but it is also the people of a place along with the food that make a place special if they are good, and kid you not, nothing at all was disappointing about the place. The name of the hotel that we stayed at is- Bella Vista Waterfront Hotel, their services although were a little chaotic when we reached there, but the hotel was really amazing to stay at. The best part being its beautiful architecture. Looks just like a British castle because of its grandiosity, and the view that I had from my room was pretty too. Also, we were lucky to get a duplex and I mean it was huge and so royal, I absolutely adorned it. Moreover their breakfasts were my favourite too, from fresh cut seasonal fruits to freshly made omelettes and waffles along with various kinds of flavoured breads. I must say, I’ve had the heartiest breakfasts.

Moving ahead to the places that I covered in Langkawi are as follows:-
First we went to the underwater world, and as the name suggests it was really a beautiful world of the creatures that live underwater, I loved everything about it, but have to say the cutest were baby penguins, running from one corner to the other and although they were behind the glass, when I went near them, some of them came towards the side I was standing to play, all the time I was only wishing to touch them, omg why are they so adorable. I never wanted to leave that place. Then there were other very exotic creatures as well, lots and lots of creatures that I had never seen so close. The other would be octopus, OMG I know it might sound strange considering the fact that so many people despise it, I loved it. The way it was moving, hands down the most majestic underwater creature award (this is my very own award) would go to the octopus. How are they so cool!!!...
Second, we went to the sky bridge and to that we took a cable car. That day it had rained heavily and so up there it was foggy and we could not get much of a view, but it was something, very calming, relaxing and beautiful. Plus I was literally in the sky, what else do you need in life.
Third stop was eagle square, which mainly was the symbol of Langkawi, their bird that has been hugely built and basically you can click a picture of yourself with it. It was nice as well.
Fourth stop, Mangrove tour, where they took us to see the bat cave, which was dark and had bats over the top of the cave. Then there were mangrove trees, and they told us how very important they are for our environment, I mean, we already know that trees are important and that’s right, but those mangrove trees kind of also have a historical significance. So, basically there was a very bad tsunami that had hit the place, that had destroyed almost everything around the place, but wherever there were mangrove trees, everything was absolutely fine, those trees had prevented most of the population from a huge loss of life. And so now, no one can cut mangrove trees there anymore, I guess they have made it a law or something, not sure about that, but for sure mangrove trees are now more sacred there.
Fifth stop, and also my favourite one, Island Hopping. There’s nothing I can complaint about at all, I was in the sea roaming from One Island to another, almost the whole day. It was awesome, and the best part was I had just learnt to swim last year and I got the opportunity to swim in an actually deep water without having anyone to save me if I drown (I mean there were people who could possible save me, but for the most part, I was on my own and that was awesome to another level). It was in the pregnant maiden island.
Finally we went to a beach, I mean being In Langkawi if it wasn’t already anticipatory. That was a kind of relaxation time for a couple of hours as we had spent only roaming consistently for a few days.
Okay finally was meant to be final in Langkawi, the final actually is Kuala Lumpur. We again boarded from Langkawi to KL and did some touristy things there like visiting monuments of historical significance, like the king’s palace, national monument etc. and the not historical significance ones are cocoa boutique, which was yum yum yumyyy!!.. And central market which was all about shopping shopping!!.
All in all it was a supercool trip, enjoyed hell lot, had some traditional Malaysian cuisines also in KL, did some more shopping.
Seeing altogether a different place is the best feeling. I feel like travelling opens up your mind somehow. I loved it, and I love travelling.