Saturday, 20 January 2018

Have a cold?? Best home remedy is here

One thing that happened the most to me in 2017, without fail was cold. I kept catching cold almost every single month and in November it happened thrice. This surely must be hard to believe but it did. This was the moment I realized that whatever I have eaten, i.e all the junk food plus the perks (sarcasm intended) of living in Delhi, one of the most polluted city is that you will keep catching cold if you don’t have a good immune system. I had to do something about it because now I was hell irritated and it got featured in my new year’s resolution too (that I have to repel cold this year)
Then came January, I was happy and all nice, when on the 2nd day of the New Year, I realised I am catching cold again. My symptoms were- mild headache, runny nose, irritated mood and sneezing. I got furious as to why this happened because I literally didn’t deserve it this time, so I decided to do something about it from that very moment. It became more like a 3 day ritual beginning from that morning. My routine shall be as follows:-
1)      Cold special lemonade:-
the very first thing I did that morning was to make myself a lemonade in warm water to have first thing in the morning right after 2 glasses of simple warm drinking water.
Black pepper-A pinch
Black salt-A pinch
Brown sugar (shakkar)-As per taste
 That’s it. Mix them all up, and fill up your system with this.
2)      Golden Milk (Haldi waala dhoodh):-
Then after having my breakfast and working a little bit, I just took a nap, woke up and the second thing that I did was to make this golden milk. This is the best and the most effective remedy for basically anything, for the qualities of turmeric, that is used in every Indian household, in almost every meal, are now very well known throughout the world.
Milk- A glass
Cardamom- 2
Ginger- Cut and peel a slice of it (grate it in the warm milk)
Turmeric- I prefer raw turmeric more than the powdered one for this
Black salt- A pinch
Black Pepper- A pinch
Brown sugar (shakkar)- As per your own taste
Almonds- sliced 2-3 (this is a optional step I love it both ways, you have to take your own call at this)
Fennel seed- 2-3 tablespoons
Here, all you have to do is to take a pan, pour that one glass of water into it, let it warm up, and when it is warmed up start by putting all the dry ingredients one by one. Also just like ginger, raw turmeric can also be grated. Then after two boils let it sit on simmer for 4-5 minutes. After which pour it in your favourite cup. Enjoy it sip by sip.
These two things I did actually for three days, but its effect was felt the very first day I had it, and just so that its effect doesn’t fade,keeping in mind how often do I catch cold, I continued it further. However one thing I would say is that don’t have unhealthy things that day or more preferably for the next couple of days. I had lots of fruits like kiwis and oranges throughout the day. I also suggest having healthy soups vegetable or chicken as per liking. Moreover forty-five minutes before sleeping try having one warm glass of water. It really helps with any congestion and you would be able to sleep better throughout the night. However it still needs to be kept in mind that the first night of cold is always tough so if you’re still not able to sleep that good,it's okay, hopefully your second day should be much better than the previous. One more thing is that everybody works and reacts differently for different ingredients, it actually did work for me the very first day I had it, but if doesn’t work for you the first day, don’t give up, continue the same, it is supposed to give you better results than any kind of medicine because of the qualities of the ingredients and the best part is everything is natural, it must be good.
So say a goodbye
Golden Milk and the ingredients

to that irritating cold, kick it away with these natural cures and stay happy. If you have any questions write them down below.


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